Once you sign a contract to go solar, there are still several steps before your system can be installed and turned on.

When it comes to solar installations, the first step is the site assessment. Your installer will visit the house, take pictures, measurements, and get any other information they need to design your system.

If your Utility has a rebate, your installer will apply for you at this point. Once your installer completes the design, they will submit it to you for approval. If you are in an HOA, they will submit the design to the HOA as well. Your install will begin after the permits are approved your city.

After the install, the city will need to come out and inspect the system to make sure everything is up to code. Once the city signs off on the install, your utility will grant you PTO, or permission to operate, and you can turn your system on!

Depending on your installer’s workload, your city’s building and safety department, your utility, and if there are any hiccups in the process, this can take between 15-60 days with Pick My Solar. Some other companies can take up to a year depending on their workload.

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