When homeowners think of going solar, they probably immediately picture a rooftop solar array. While rooftop installations are common and often great fits for solar projects, the alternative option of a ground-mounted installation may fit certain projects’ needs.

If a roof has spatial limitations, receives excessive shading, or its orientation isn’t ideal, a ground-mounted solar system may be a better choice. Additionally, the material on some roofs does not support solar installation; woodshake roofs, for example, present potential fire hazards.

There are a few negatives to ground mounts. Obviously, ground mounts require land and some homeowners find them intrusive and less aesthetically appealing than their rooftop counterparts. They also generally cost more and take longer to install because they usually require underground wiring and additional digging for stabilization of the panels. As is true of most solar installations, the decision between rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels depends on the situation.

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