Is it possible to install solar panels if you live in a condominium?

There are several approaches that condo-dwellers can take to getting condominium solar panels approved. First, they’ll need to gain permission from their condominium board of directors or homeowners’ association (HOA) by confirming that solar will not damage their building’s roof (and if it does, it is covered under a warranty) and will increase the property’s value. Once the decision to go solar is supported, the power that the system generates can be allocated for common spaces, credited to individual units in order to cover their portion of the electricity bill, or used to heat the building’s water. The latter option this is wise if the building doesn’t have sufficient space for a larger solar system.

Essentially, each condominium will face a different series of challenges and decisions, but it is possible to go solar! As HOAs become more privy to environmentally (and financially) conscious management strategies, the obstacles that condos face when going solar will likely lessen.

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