When the grid goes down for whatever reason, your power will go out too. Even during the day, if your system is producing power, you won’t have access to it. There is an automatic shut off in these circumstances.

If your house is putting power back onto the grid during an outage and there is electrical work being done on the power lines, it could lead to a fatal shock.

If you’d like to be able to harness the energy your solar panels produce when the grid goes down, the SMA Inverter has a SPS, or Secure Power Supply, feature. When the grid goes down, this SMA Inverter has a switch you can flip to use the energy your system is producing. This will only work during the day and the amount of energy will be relatively small, however, it will be enough to keep your refrigerator running or charge your phone and other devices.

If you’re concerned with losing power in the event of a blackout, a gas generator is an affordable and reliable option to cope with the loss of power.

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