When it comes to going solar, SCE (Southern California Edison) currently does not offer any solar specific rebates or incentive programs outside of the state and federal incentives.

When it comes to sizing your system, SCE allows you to size your solar system to offset your previous 12 months of electricity usage. There are no restrictions on oversizing your system in this territory. All you have to do is sign a form so say that the system is oversized and you are good to go.

If your system is to overproduce over the course of the year, SCE will issue a check for the amount at which it overproduced. However, this is at a wholesale rate, and not your normal electricity rates.

Since a lot of this information is fluid, check with SCE regularly to see changes in policy and rates. At Pick My Solar, we’re constantly updating our database to match theirs, so we can sort through all this for you as well.

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