People convinced of solar energy’s (solar advocate) immense benefits have several ways to promote its cause. First of all, disseminating knowledge is key, especially in an emerging market riddled with conflicting, and sometimes misleading, information. Sharing objective educational material about solar energy, the technology behind it, and the process of transitioning to solar are all great ways to advocate on its behalf. Public perception of solar is often skewed by individual experiences with solar companies whose goals do not include promoting transparency and education in solar. Another option for promoting solar is to, of course, make referrals. Many solar companies, including Pick My Solar, offer a monetary incentive to do so.

Additional considerations for solar advocacy involve policy. Solar energy is regulated by the Department of Energy at the federal level and individual states have their own regulations as well. Government policies dictate everything from the acceptable placement of panels on roofs to the tax incentives available to go solar. Committed solar advocates may consider engaging politically, writing their representatives, joining solar advocacy groups, and actively expressing the benefits of solar energy to their peers.

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