Here’s Our Starter List for Sustainable Lifestyle Terms

AC Coupled Battery Backup – This is a battery for your home that stores energy after it has been converted to AC. Energy from your solar panels is created in Direct Current (DC). It is then converted to Alternating Current (AC), which is the type you use in your home. AC Coupled Batteries store energy ready to be used in your home.

Battery Storage or Battery Backup – This is a method of saving energy for use in your home. The battery stores a small amount of electricity for you to use when your solar panels are not creating energy or your connection to the grid is lost (e.g. a blackout).

Electric Vehicle (EV) – A vehicle that uses all or partial electrical power in lieu of other energy sources. There are many types, including hybrids, plug-ins, extended range hybrids, and full electric vehicles. Those that plug in will increase your electrical usage significantly. This should be taken into account when designing your solar system to assure enough energy is generated to cover the charging of your car.

Energy Efficiency – The amount of energy it takes to use certain items can vary. An energy efficient product is one that uses electricity sparingly to accomplish the desired task. In the same way, an energy efficient home does not waste or overuse electricity.

EV Charger – A wall mounted charging unit for an electric vehicle.  There are various types of EV Chargers depending on your vehicle’s charging port, the amount of electricity available to power the charger, and the physical space available to install the correct unit.

Solar-Plus-Storage – Refers to a solar photovoltaic energy system coupled with a battery storage unit.

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